- Baytang Credit Organization was established by a group of Potential Young Cambodian who are experienced with the famous MFI in Cambodia. The organization was also registered at the Ministry of Interior on 01 August 2011 named Baytang Community Development Organization. The first office was located in Prek Be village, Kohthom commune, Kohthom district of Kandal province.

Objective of the Organization:

1. Contribute in reducing the poverty of the people with Royal Government of Cambodia with an aim to improve the living standard through developing a small and medium business.

2. Push economic sector activity in the community through providing small financial service to the rural people to make them available for creating and expanding additional businesses.

3. Assist in building their capacity to specifically become a skillful person 2013-2015: Baytang Community Development Organization was re-registered at the Ministry of Interior on 02 July 2013 which has been transformed as Baytang Credit Organization.

On 08 May 2015: Baytang Credit Organization was registered at the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) as a licensed rural credit operator

Vision and mission

Vision: Baytang Credit Organization is to create jobs for Cambodian poor people to improve their living standard via contributing small loan service with economic sustainability.

Mission: Contribute small loan services to poor people every corner of Cambodia that they are difficult to access loan from banks in order to create new jobs or business through loaning service.